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Recipes with legumes are marked  
Gluten free recipes are marked  

Main Meals:

Hi Lo Min:  This is an old Australian favourite - a one pot meal of spicy flavoured mince with vegetables. It is quick, easy and you can include a variety of seasonal or frozen vegies. [click for recipe]

Chicken and Chickpea Stew:  A delicious stew in 30 minutes and a good way to incorporate chickpeas into a family dish. [click for recipe]

Spinach and Ricotta Gnocchi:  This is a delicious light version of gnocchi, lower in carbs than potato gnocchi. [click for recipe]

Lentil Burgers:  Vegetarian burgers that everyone will love. So simple, you might get the kids to help. [click for recipe]

Easy Pasta Carbonara:  A quick, easy, healthy pasta carbonara that uses ingredients you are likely to have in your kitchen. [click for recipe]

Cheesy Lentil Slice:  A healthy savoury slice. Can be part of a main meal, addition to a lunch box, or a tasty snack. [click for recipe]

Creamy Bacon and Mushroom Sauce for Pasta:  A low fat version of this pasta sauce. [click for recipe]

Spicy Rubs:  Adding flavour to your barbecues and grills without extra Calories (kJs) and sodium. [click for recipe]

Pesto Sauce:  Pesto sauce is a great summer food treat, and all the better if you grow your own basil. Here is a low fat version which is lower in Calories (kJs) and a more traditional recipe - still healthy. [click for recipe]


Salads including Legumes:  Salads that add some protein and carbs to the meal. Delicious and help you reduce the serve sizes of meat. Leftovers good for lunches! [click for recipe]

Ruby grapefruit and avocado salad:  Quick to assemble and looks great. [click for recipe]

Sweet Treats:

Pumpkin Fruit Cake:  This is a great low fat cake recipe. Moist, full of flavour and quick and easy to make. It can all be mixed in the saucepan used to boil the fruit in orange juice. [click for recipe]

Almond Dessert Cake with Strawberry Coulis:  A gluten free special occasion cake. [click for recipe]

American Brownies (gluten free)  A fail-safe gluten free treat. [click for recipe]

Plum Sorbet and Lemon Gelati:  These sorbets are refreshing treats that are low fat, and low in Calories (kJs) but relatively high carb. [click for recipe]

Chocolate Raisin Balls:  A delicious sweet treat for the chocaholics. [click for recipe]